To schedule an appointment, simply contact Katja.

It's best if you can fill out the intake form prior to your initial appointment.

Intake appointments are typically an hour and a half to two hours long. Katja will go over the intake form with you, and you'll discuss whatever ailment or concern you're seeking help for. You'll review your symptoms, lifestyle (including diet, work and exercise habits, etc), relevant history, and any past diagnoses from medical practitioners to determine the root causes of the problem.

Katja will suggest herbs that can help the situation, as well as nutritional changes or supplements that will have a positive effect. She'll explain how these therapies work in the body: what specific effects they have and what changes you're trying to encourage by using them. The goal is to allow you to understand your protocol on a deeper level than "she told me to take this twice a day until I feel better". Instead, you'll come to a place where you can be responsible for your own health, better able to listen to your own body and give it the particular nourishment it needs.

Together you'll discuss several potential courses of action—some will appeal to you more than others. There are always many different options for any given problem, but the best solution is the one you're most motivated to enact. You'll work that out together and decide on a course of action you can commit to.

In subsequent visits, you and Katja will evaluate the effects of what you've been working with so far and discuss any other issues that have come up since your last visit. She'll suggest additional measures that are appropriate to support the work you're doing, or offer alternatives if you're not satisfied with how things are progressing. Your input will be essential; these sessions can be seen as an ongoing conversation to help you come to whole health and understanding.


The base price for an appointment is $125.
A sliding scale is available.

There is a full visit fee for missed appointments without 24 hour notice. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify Katja as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours in advance.