Katja Swift is a clinical herbalist practicing in the Boston area. Together with Ryn Midura, Katja founded the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine, and is the director of the educational program.

She works with adults, children, and families to find optimal health: whether you are suffering from chronic illness or just the sniffles, whether you're feeling that something just "isn't right", or recovering from an intervention-based treatment such as a course of antibiotics or chemotherapy.

By teaching people how to eat real food and use plants as medicine, she helps them to reestablish their connections to the earth, to themselves, and to one another.

Katja believes that with education and support, people can make their own good choices about how to live healthier.

If you're struggling with chronic illness, weight issues, or depression; if you seek alternatives to Ritalin; if you have daily pain but you have learned to consider it "normal"; if your health isn't all you want it to be . . .

Katja is available for consultation and ongoing care. Appointment times are flexible to fit into your schedule. Call or email to schedule an appointment today!